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External recruiters in infosec

I’ve gotten hit up for about 4 different jobs by external recruiters for firms located in my home town in the last two weeks.  With every experience being quite bad to downright funny, I thought we could learn from these mistakes.  Having used recruiters before, I realize you don’t get to see how they actually […]

Dealing with BlackHat’s Slip into RSA

Another amazing BlackHat/Defcon summer camp tour extraordinaire.  As the con continues to evolve, mostly in ways I’m not so fond of, I realize we should focus on the right things to make this thing so many cherish continue (until riot and upheaval overthrow UBM).  Much more is said about topical facets in the industry culture […]

RSAC Thoughts & Good Times

So on a less serious note, had a great time at RSAC.  While it’s in style to crap on the conference (and there’s copious valid reasons), here’s why my first time won’t be my last: While I’m a religious BlackHat/Defcon attendee, RSAC was way better for business networking than any con I’ve been to.  I’ve […]

RSAC Presentations – Highlights

Wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to our talks.  Given the topics, they were very well attended and more importantly, the attendees were the exact people we were hoping to capture.  For insurance we caught a lot of infosec people who were early on researching it and […]

RSA 2014

Been invited to work with Jamie Gamble (@bitgamble) on two talks at RSA.  – The first is about medical device security, providing content for defenders and manufacturers to help design and assess products via security standards. The FDA provided some guidance (a 2-pager) in June that is summed up as “cyber security is important” and […]

VMWorld Highlights

Thanks to all who came out at 8:30 AM on the third day of the con.  It was a good group and I’m very happy to say that the panel was all user questions about half way through.  Good to see the interaction and people engaged. A question got posed about virtualization hacks/0day/academic research targeting […]

Derbycon 2013 Thoughts

First, a big thanks to the folks setting up and running Derbycon. Big group, relik, purehate, so many others. Thanks to IronGeek to recording so much and posting it. A lot of work went it to and it was well executed. Greatly appreciate all that the team does to put on a great convention! I wanted […]